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1️⃣ Invisible Disabilities: Understanding What You Can’t See

Let’s humanize the concept of mental health care!

It is vital to put a first-person narrative to living life with mental illness in the forefront of medical professionals’ minds in order to promote and practice person-centered and trauma-informed care.

Attendees will learn:

How to better interact, support and accommodate individuals with invisible disabilities.

How to broaden their perspective on the human condition.

How to initiate dialogue/conversation surrounding emotionally painful and vulnerable topics.


2️⃣ Finding Success Through Struggle

It is not one or the other, you can struggle and still be successful! In fact, your greatest accomplishments are waiting to be found within your struggles! In this presentation, Russell will share how he has found his success through his own struggles, and how you can, too! Empowering, motivating, inspiring!


3️⃣ Taking Risks & Leading with Compassion

An individual’s chance of personal growth and development increases exponentially when we take risks and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Add to this a compassionate perspective and a beautiful journey awaits you every step of the way.

If it is one thing this world lacks, it is compassion. The very key to making our society more accepting and understanding is held by each and every one of us. Oftentimes we forget that compassion is a verb, and that it needs to be practiced every day!

When you lead with compassion, you can never go wrong.


4️⃣ Overcoming Life’s (Perceived) Obstacles

An emotional, raw, compelling, and inspiring story about breakthrough – with encouraging messages about perseverance, compassion, and adversity. Having endured some of the most difficult obstacles one can experience in life Russell illustrates his message of endurance through his experiences and stories, calling others to rise above their challenges, and to be their very best. 


5️⃣ LEND Presentation: The Lived Experience

A presentation for students of the University of Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Programs. Topics include first-person insight into living with a disability, how to better aid clients with disabilities, raw storytelling with regard to the world of mental health, keys to promoting better collaboration between healthcare providers and how to see the person before the diagnosis.


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Russell Lehmann is an award-winning and internationally recognized motivational speaker, poet, author, and advocate.